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A temple of change at Afrikaburn 2015


žMetamorphosis is a temple of transformation. A sacred space for participants to burn all that no longer serves them, to honour their journey and those that have journeyed on. A space to meditate, contemplate, rejoice, mourn and celebrate all that is wonderful in this life. A place for ceremonies of commitment, farewell and friendship.


žIt is made of 8 butterfly wings. 8 in numerology signifies both building and destruction. Temples are places to do just that. Destroy unhealthy patterns and build new ones. The wings symbolize freedom, flight, and metamorphosis. The wings are supported by 4 gateways, facing the cardinal points. Each will bear symbols of the 4 elements. From the center, cut crystals hang from a flower of life, casting prism rainbows. Standing at 8m high, spanning 20m wide, it is a strong statement and invitation to enter into the space.


We are calling on artists, musicians, dancers & facilitators to use the space for conscious activity. This is our gift to Afrikaburn this year.



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We are relying on the donations and participation of our community to realize this dream. It is a mammoth undertaking to bring a structure of this size from Johannesburg to the Karoo.You too can be part of sharing this gift with Afrikaburn.

Metamorphosis is a public space. We would love it to be populated with morning meditations, weddings, live music and ceremonies. You are invited to participate, volunteer and share our space.

Our vision is that many, many people experience a personal metamorphosis through being involved in the project, touching lives not only in the desert, but internationally too. We want to hear your personal stories of transformation

The word "metamorphosis" derives from Greek μεταμόρφωσις, "transformation, transforming",

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